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Provenance Claim

“We use 100% reclaimed gold and silver based on written assurances from our suppliers.”

Reclaimed gold and silver are materials recycled from old jewelry, watches and other items which are refined for reuse. This minimizes the impact of mining new raw materials. Any scrap metals produced during our artisan process are melted down, ensuring we operate without waste. Our suppliers guarantee that the gold and silver in the products supplied to us are 100% reclaimed.

John Hardy has also taken measures to ensure that the above or any other provenance claims we will make in the future are truthful and properly communicated to customers. We establish a protocol to review our marketing materials, provide training to employees who are responsible for implementing the claims and responding to any product inquiries, and ensure they understand the claims and can explain them accurately.

Interested parties may submit complaints or grievances related to our provenance claims at Grievance Mechanism.

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