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Product Care

Daily Care
Keep your John Hardy jewelry dry. To maintain shine, gently polish your piece with a soft cloth to remove any residue after each use.

When not wearing, store your piece in the provided pouch or jewelry box to prevent scratching and minimize tarnishing. For extended periods of non-wear, store in an air-sealed bag. To ensure longevity, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Harsh chemicals like chlorine or cleaning products can damage your jewelry. Avoid wearing your jewelry during activities like exercising, cleaning, showering or swimming. Apply lotions, perfumes and hairspray before putting on your jewelry.

Silver & Gold Care
Use a mild dishwashing detergent solution for gentle cleaning. Avoid prolonged soaking of silver, as it can affect finishes. Harsh liquid or dip cleaners can damage your jewelry’s finish—avoid altogether. If ever unsure, please contact us before using any jewelry cleaner. For sterling silver tarnish, use a polishing cloth.

Gemstone Care
Use a soft brush and mild soap solution to clean delicate gemstones like pearls, opals, malachite and turquoise. Pat dry with a soft cloth. Harsh liquid or dip cleaners can damage your gemstones—avoid altogether. Do not use polishing cloths directly gemstones. Avoid storing gemstones in direct sunlight or near heat sources. Store pearl jewelry separately to prevent scratching.

Leather Care
Regular cleaning is essential for leather jewelry. For daily care, wipe leather jewelry with a soft, dry cloth. Should leather appear delicate or worn, contact us directly for personalized guidance in restoring to its original condition. For minor stains, use a damp cloth with a mild soap/leather cleaner (use gentle circles and minimal moisture). Pat then air dry completely before storing or wearing. To maintain suppleness, condition occasionally with a leather jewelry conditioner. Minimize water exposure. Avoid wearing leather jewelry during exercise, showering or swimming. Store leather jewelry in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. 

Professional Cleaning
In instances of persistent tarnishing or visible wear, you can send your John Hardy piece out to our skilled artisans for a professional cleaning. For details on timing and cost, contact:

Phone: 888.838.3022

Repair & Refurbish

Should your John Hardy jewelry ever need repair or refurbishment, our team of artisans offer a range of services.

How to Submit a Repair Request
Please email us with the below details:

· Full Name

· E-mail
· Contact Phone Number
· Return Shipping Address 
· Receipt (12-month warranty)
· Style number or include a picture of the item
· Detailed description of the repair
· Has the item ever been resized or modified (Y/N); if yes, please specify details.

Upon receiving your request, we will email you a service order number for tracking and a packing slip to include with your jewelry. Print the packing slip provided and include it in your repair shipment, along with a copy of your receipt if your item was purchased within the last 12 months, and your jewelry in need of servicing. Pack securely to prevent damage during transit. Please do not include any packaging that may be sentimental, we do not return your item(s) in their original packaging. We recommend insuring and tracking your package.

Where to Ship Your Repair
For all U.S. repairs please ship to: 

JHU Inc c/o Fashion Distribution Service Inc. 
34 Engelhard Ave. 
Avenel, NJ 07001
Attention:  Repair Department (Service Order #)

For all International repairs we will provide you with shipping instructions when you receive your service order. 

Repair Process

Expert Evaluation
Our artisans will thoroughly assess your jewelry to determine the best course of action. Before any work begins, we will email you with a detailed explanation of the repairs needed and any associated service fees. You can choose to proceed with the repair or have your jewelry returned to you for a $30 return shipping fee. 

Cleaning & Polishing
All repairs include complimentary professional cleaning and polishing.

Timing & Tracking
Turnaround times typically range from 4–6 weeks upon receipt of your jewelry. Once repair is complete, your jewelry will be shipped back with a tracking number. 

John Hardy Limited Warranty

Warranty Policy
John Hardy jewelry is covered by a limited warranty for one year from the date of purchase.

What’s Covered
Repairs for mechanism flaws (clasps, hinges, bales), broken earring posts or clips, chain damage and missing or loose gold dots or pavé stones.

What’s Not Covered
Lost or stolen jewelry, accidental damage or damage due to negligence, natural tarnishing that develops over time and damage to pieces purchased from unauthorized retailers.

If you are not covered, we will provide a clear and detailed quote before moving forward with any recommended repairs. You can choose to proceed with the repair or have your jewelry returned to you for a $30 return shipping fee. 

Unsure about your coverage? 
Contact our repair team with a description of the issue and we’ll provide a clear and detailed quote for your review. You can choose to proceed with the repair or have your jewelry returned to you for a $30 return shipping fee.